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Wallpaper vs. Wall Paints

Wallpaper vs. Wall Paints - Artevella
Which is the best choice: Pros and Cons of Wallpaper vs. Painting

Home decoration is actually more than a need. It is passion. It is the most enjoyable and the most personalized area for most people. Transforming your space and renewing it according to your tastes is an undeclinable call. Wall design is an essential part of home decoration. Walls are everywhere that we are looking at, so making the right choice for our walls is important. Of course, there are many factors in home design but today we will focus on wall decoration and we will discuss the pros and cons of painting walls and covering them with wallpapers.

To compare painting walls and applying wallpapers, we should look closely at some points, these are the application process, cost, and versatility. In this post, we will look at them closely and I will try to help you decide between these two options.

For sure, it depends but we should accept that quality wallpapers are more expensive than buying paints for your room. With one bucket of paint, you can cover more areas than a wallpaper roll. Interior wall painting can be much cheaper. This is the disadvantage. But in terms of the design windows, at painting, you are limited to certain colors and patterns but in the wallpaper world, you can easily find thousands of unique designs and patterns.

In terms of durability, wallpapers have much more advantages than wallpapers. Quality wallpapers can be used for up to 20 years. Wall paintings need to be renewed after 1-2 years because they fade or get dirty. Wallpapers have one disadvantage in this part, they can tear apart and get damaged and it is hard to replace them; but in painting, you just need a brush and paint, that's all. Restoring a wall painting is much easier than restoring wallpaper. You should be more careful about our wallpapers in terms of outer damage.

While applying and removing your wallpapers, you should be more careful than painting a wall. Your walls may not be coated and this makes it hard to apply wallpapers. On the other hand, if you want to paint your walls, you are much freer, you can paint any surface easily. Also, sometimes wallpapers are affected by humidity in certain places like the bathroom or in the laundry room. Painting is less affected by outer factors. But I should say that new technology brought us waterproof and moisture-proof wallpapers.

In terms of application time, painting a wall is a shorter process. In wallpaper applications, you may need more tools and more time. Sometimes professional help is needed. Also, you have to prepare your walls before sticking your walls. So we can say that wallpaper application requires more time and preparation.

Wall paintings can be much cheaper and less time-consuming but if you need an elegant look, wallpaper is definitely needed. In the digital printed wallpaper world, there are endless designs and patterns. Also, you can create more personalized areas. You can choose among various materials fabric, natural, textured, matte, and more.

Choosing between wallpaper and wall paints is up you your budget and your conditions. You can catch both aesthetic and elegant looks in both choices. There is also a chance of combining both materials. You can paint some walls and you can cover some of them with wallpaper.
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