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Wallpaper on the Ceiling Trend

Wallpaper on the Ceiling Trend - Artevella

Wallpapering the ceiling is a design trend that adds a unique touch to any room, creating a sense of expansiveness and coziness. This trend is a modern take on early 19th-century design, where adorned and patterned ceilings were common. It's part of the maximalism movement, allowing for an injection of color and pattern without a complete overhaul of the room.

Considerations for Wallpapering Ceilings

- **Room Size**: Wallpaper can be used in both small and large rooms, adding intrigue to small spaces and making a significant impact in larger areas.

- **Texture**: For a subtler effect, textured wallpapers like tweed, grasscloth, and embossed options can add dimension without overwhelming the space.

- **Preparation**: Ceilings require thorough cleaning, priming, and marking to guide the placement of wallpaper panels for an even application.

- **Pattern Selection**: The choice of pattern can significantly affect the room's energy and mood. It's recommended to order a swatch and observe it in the space before full installation.

- **Traditional vs. Peel and Stick**: Traditional wallpaper with paste is preferred for ceilings as it is more malleable, allowing for better manipulation during installation.

Installation Tips

- **Quality Matters**: Using high-quality peel and stick wallpaper is crucial, as lower-quality options may not adhere well, especially on textured ceilings.

- **Alignment**: Ensuring that the edges of the wallpaper align correctly is important for a seamless look.

- **Extra Steps**: When using peel and stick wallpaper on the ceiling, reinforcing the edges with wallpaper glue can prevent sagging and gaps.

Design Impact

- **Mural-Style**: Large-scale, mural-style prints can create the illusion of a fresco ceiling, elevating the space.

- **Accent Walls**: Extending wallpaper from the walls to the ceiling can create a continuous and immersive design.

- **Visual Stories**: Historically, ceilings have been used as a canvas to tell visual stories, and modern designers are finding new ways to add interest with ceiling wallpaper accents.

Challenges and Solutions

- **Gravity**: Hanging wallpaper on a ceiling can be challenging due to gravity, so it's often a two-person job.

- **Surface Prep**: The ceiling must be smooth for the wallpaper to adhere properly; textured surfaces like popcorn ceilings are not suitable.


Wallpapering the ceiling is a trend that allows for creative expression and can transform any room into a statement space. With careful preparation, the right materials, and attention to detail, this trend can add a dramatic or subtle design element to your home.

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