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What is the recommended distance between the wall and the peel and stick wallpaper?

What is the recommended distance between the wall and the peel and stick wallpaper? - Artevella
The recommended distance between the wall and the peel and stick wallpaper is not explicitly mentioned in terms of a gap or spacing since the wallpaper is designed to be applied directly to the wall surface. However, when aligning the wallpaper, it's important to use a plumb line to ensure that the application is straight. Here's how to ensure proper alignment:

1. **Draw a Plumb Line**: Before starting the wallpaper application, you should draw a plumb line on the wall. This is a straight, vertical line that serves as a guide to ensure the wallpaper is applied straight. To draw a plumb line, measure out from the corner of your wall the width of the roll minus 0.5 inches. For example, for rolls that are 20.5 inches wide, you would mark 20 inches from the corner. Then, use a level to draw the straight, vertical line from this point.

2. **Aligning the First Panel**: When you apply the first panel of peel and stick wallpaper, align it with the plumb line you've drawn. This ensures that the wallpaper starts off straight, which is crucial for the overall look once the entire wall is covered.

3. **Overlap in Corners**: When you reach corners or start a new wall, it's recommended to slightly overlap the wallpaper to ensure that no white wall shows through. This overlap is typically just a small amount to create a seamless look.

4. **No Additional Gap**: There is no need to leave any additional distance or gap between the wall and the wallpaper, as the adhesive is meant to stick directly onto the wall surface.

In summary, while there is no specific "recommended distance" to leave between the wall and the wallpaper, it is essential to use a plumb line to ensure the wallpaper is applied straight and to slightly overlap at the corners for a continuous appearance.

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