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Wallpaper Choosing Guide: Types of Wallpapers

Wallpaper Choosing Guide: Types of Wallpapers - Artevella

Wallpapers are ageless decoration materials for our spaces. We are not only using them for our spaces but also in different branches of home decorations. Because application areas are various, there are many types of wallpaper. Throughout time, there were many innovative changes in the production and printing of wallpapers. Sometimes it is tough to choose the right type of it for our walls. In this article, I will try to help you to understand different types by giving small tips.

Paper Wallpapers

This is the most traditional choice among all wallpapers. This wallpaper is really made of paper. This is the original idea of wallpaper, all other wallpapers are derived from covering walls with decorative pieces. This type of wallpaper has a matte finish. Even though newer choices overshadowed this choice, it is still widely used. You need glue to stick to the wall.

Non-Woven Wallpapers

This is a more innovative form of paper backing wallpapers because natural fibers and vinyl are mixed in the production. This makes it more flexible and durable compared with traditional paper ones. Synthetic plant fibers make them breathable and suitable for home use. This type also needs glue to stick on the wall. 

Vinyl Wallpapers

This is a more durable choice compared with non-woven wallpapers and traditional paper wallpapers. Vinyl is a special plastic that is durable and bright. But there are different sub-categories of vinyl wallpapers. Let's look at them closely.

Solid Vinyl

This kind of wallpaper is just made of 100% vinyl material. Solid vinyl makes it more durable. This kind of wallpaper is scratch-resistant. It is really easy to clean them because they are washable. This is the ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry room. Water and moisture will not affect them because of their plastic-like texture. Sometimes it is not preferred for a kid’s bedroom, but new technology production vinyl wallpapers are mostly PVC-free and safe for children. There are also prepasted options in vinyl wallpapers for easy installation.

Vinyl Coated

This option doesn't contain 100% vinyl. There is paper in the background and vinyl is coated on the paper. Keep in mind that this kind of wallpaper has a more matte look after printing. This can be a good choice between solid vinyl and non-woven options.

Fabric Backed Vinyl

These types of wallpapers are a combination of vinyl and fabric. This makes them more durable and stronger for outer effects. Most business places like hotels and office buildings use this kind of wallpaper because it is really hard to scratch or tear. This is an ideal choice for public places. For home use, this is not generally the preferred choice because of the hard installation process and prices. In some kinds, you need glue to paste it but there are prepasted and peel and stick options as well on the market.

Prepasted Wallpapers

People generally are confused between prepasted wallpapers and peel and stick wallpapers. In this type, you don't have to peel anything. On the backside of wallpapers, there is a layer of glue, but this glue is activated if you add some water to it. You don't need extra glue and it is really easy to install it just by using a water spray bottle.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

This is the newest production method for wallpaper installation. You don't need extra glue or water to activate the adhesive. You just peel off the plastic back cover and past it to your wall. It is the same as decals that you install on your notebooks. This type of wallpaper is easier to install and easy to remove. If you rent a house and you want to remove it after some time, this is the ideal choice. After removal, you can hang it in another place as well. It is repositionable. Keep in mind that, you need a clear and non-textured wall for better results.

Natural Grasscloth (Sisal Wallpapers)

This is the natural form of wallpapers. Natural grasses and dried reeds are used in the production. Your place looks more natural in terms of look and smell. You will have a grassy smell in your rooms because of the natural texture of the wallpaper. Because it is woven together with natural materials, there can be visible lines on your walls. They are of course expensive choice among wallpapers. You must be more careful while cleaning it. You may need a professional installer because special material needs special handling.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are the same as wallpapers. They come in numbered panels with various design and pattern options. They are more like wall art, you don't have to cover all your walls. You can find something adorable and install one piece on your wall as a decoration object. This separates murals from full coverage wallpapers. Keep in mind that, wall murals are generally sold in peel and stick form. 

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