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Top 7 Wallpaper Frequently Asked Questions

Top 7 Wallpaper Frequently Asked Questions - Artevella

Wallpapers have been widely used by many people for more than thousands of years. Throughout time, materials, application areas, and designs have evolved but still, it is an elegant choice for your places. Everyone has heard something about wallpapers but what about details?  Most people have common questions about wallpapers. In this post, I will try to answer some frequently asked questions for you.

Which is better Wallpaper or Wall Painting?

First of all, wallpapers may be more expensive than painting a wall but they are certain advantages. There are limitless designs and patterns in the wallpaper world, you can easily customize them according to your needs. They look more elegant thanks to their textured surface and more visible color variations. If your budget and your place are available, a good wallpaper is an irreplaceable choice for your places.

Should I buy online or In-stock wallpapers from shops?

There are many places where you can buy wallpapers. You can buy online more customized wallpapers or you can choose in-stock catalog wallpapers from shops. There are more options in online shopping but there is a big question about the quality of what you are buying. To solve this issue, online wallpapers shops are now sending you samples to show you the quality and patterns. That’s why Nowadays online shopping has no disadvantage of shopping.

Should I remove the old wallpaper before the installation?

If you want to have a smooth and long-lasting wallpaper installation, your wall must be clean, clear, and dry. You can apply new wallpaper over the old one but good results are not guaranteed for sure. Because of the textured nature of wallpapers, new wallpaper will not stick wall very well. There will be bulges on the surface and application will be much more difficult. I advise you to remove the old paper after softening it with hot water.

Is it a difficult job to install wallpaper by myself? 

Actually, it depends but if you know some certain tricks, the application is not difficult. Now there is a better choice for easy installation: peel and stick wallpaper. In this innovative wallpaper idea, you will stick it to your wall like a sticker. It is self-adhesive. All you need to do is just peel off the backside, stick, and smooth with a brush. You do not need glue or extra tools. If you are afraid of a big-size wallpaper application, don't worry because wallpapers in big sizes come with numbered separated panels.

What happens if my wallpaper is damaged? Can I repair it?

Most wallpaper types are durable and scratch-free but sometimes your wallpaper can be damaged by outer effects. If some part of your wallpaper is removed from your wall, you can glue it back easily, but if some part is damaged and missing then you need extra paper to cover it. To solve this, trim the damaged area with a knife, and then paste the new piece of wallpaper. If you shop online, websites can send you little samples and this will solve your problem. 

What is the difference between Wall murals and Wallpapers?

Wall murals and wallpapers terms can be used interchangeably. Basically, they are almost the same. Wall murals sound more modern while wallpaper refers to an old traditional type. If wallpapers are more personalized and customized, it is generally called wall murals. Wall murals are more like standalone. You don't have to cover all your walls like traditional wallpapers. You can just cover one of your walls with good forest scenery. Wall murals are more cleanable and easy to remove. In short, I can say that modern wallpapers are called wall murals with a variety of design and size options. 

Can I clean my wallpaper?

If you choose a good quality wallpaper, they are all easily cleanable. You can always dust them easily. In general, You can clean modern wallpapers with a gentle damp cloth. Some vinyl wallpapers are even fully washable. Cleaning is not a big problem for wallpapers. Just choose the right material for your places. For example, in moisture areas, you can choose vinyl wallpapers while in dry places non-woven ones can be selected.

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