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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wallpaper

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wallpaper - Artevella

Wallpapers are very personal choices when compared to wall paintings. Your wallpaper will mostly be unique and personalized to your space. Your spaces will look more elegant and entirely different after the installation. With a simple piece of wall art, you can make your room brighter and warmer. Especially on online wallpaper shopping, There are thoısands of different patterns and designs. It is really time-taking process to choose from, but if you have some basic information, this will make it easier. If you have decided to buy wallpapers for your home but you have no idea how to choose? Here are some tips for you to select the best wallpaper that fits your space.

  • Light of the Spaces

  • Let's go back to the basics of decoration. Light is the most essential factor when designing a space. Whether it is natural or artificial light, if you do not consider the light factor, then you can not complete the decoration no matter how expensive things you bought. The absence of light or angles of light is so important to take into consideration while designing a natural atmosphere.

    If your space got natural sunlight, then you can prefer brighter colors, so designs of wallpapers will glamor and show off themselves. Matte wallpapers are an ideal choice for natural light exposure. If your room does not receive natural direct sunlight, you should prefer vibrant, eye-catching colors to create a broader atmosphere in the space. It’s also great to consider matte wallpaper instead of printing on a reflective surface.

  • Size of your Space
  • The size of your space definitely affects your wallpaper choice. Complex maximalist patterns are not so suitable for small rooms. Instead, you should prefer more smooth and calm designs. Small scale patterns and large scale paterns should be chosen according to size of your rooms.

    If your ceelings are lower than avarage, go on looking color and pattern combination that can create more space atmosphere. Creating the illusion of depth is also good idea for smaller rooms. To create a depth illusion, choose brighter colors on the front and darker tones in the background of the design. Also pattern choice is important. Horizantal stripes should not be preferred in low ceilings. Vertical strips will make your room appear taller.

  • Decide the Atmosphere
  • Atmosphere is everything in the decoration process. I believe that every decoration the idea has soul and should match your mood. You can choose something romantic, something relaxing or something more alive. It is all up to you but if you want to create a full atmosphere, you should cover your walls according to the mood.

    If you are looking formal atmosphere, then go for matte colors and fabric, and vowed materials.

    If you need a more modern look, then go for metallic patterns with glossy finishes.

    If you are looking for a more natural atmosphere, then choose rustic designs with grasscloth wallpapers.

    If you are looking for something lively, then find something that is more abstract and contemporary.

    If you are looking for a more trophical atmosphere, then choose botanical wall murals with green tones.

    Also textured and untextured wallpapers will add a lot to the mood of your room.

  • Decide the Right Color
  • Colors can change the energy of the places. Color choice is also one of the key factors in home design. Dark colors will absorb light and make your room appear smaller. Ligh colors and not-so-complex patterns should be selected for smaller spaces.

    Some contrasting colors may help a lot in wallpaper choice. If you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere, you should prefer natural color tones. Also, the color choice should be decided according to the usage of space. If it is a personal space, you can get more colorful, but if it is an office then you can choose more serious colors.

  • Match with Furniure
  • The furniture and fixtures within your space can have a large influence on the style of your wallpaper and the impact it has. Matching furniture and wallpapers will complete the look of your room.

    You should decide the focus point of your room first. Do you want o get attention to your walls or o your furniture? If you have big furniture then patterns of wallpapers must be calmer. If your furnitures are colorful then the background must be in lighter colors. If you don't have much furniyture in your room then you can choose a large portion of scenery wall murals, nothing will block the view.

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