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Online Wallpaper Shopping Tips

Online Wallpaper Shopping Tips - Artevella

Wallpapers are one of the essential home decor items for hundreds of years. There are thousands of different choices on the market. It is really hard to decide which one to buy. If you need something more unique, you should look at online wallpaper shopping sites because they consist much more options than psychical wallpaper stores. Of course, there are pros and cons of online shopping. Here I prepared a guide for you before ordering your wallpapers.


  • Take measurements
  • First of all, you should take the measurements of your spaces correctly. The exact dimensions will help you to find the best wallpaper designs. You don't want to spend money on too many wallpaper rolls or you don't want to leave some walls uncovered because of too few rolls. Please keep in mind corners and electrical switches while measuring. 

  • Wall Type
  • Your wall type is important in your wallpaper choice. You should choose the right material for the right place. For example for the kitchen and bathroom, vinyl wallpapers are a good choice because they are not affected by humidity. Also, the material of the wall is important for wallpaper application. For example, dry room or plastered wall types are suitable for all wallpaper types while textured walls are required special attention during the application.


    After understanding your wall type and taking the measures, you should decide on the materials. There are many wallpaper types made of different materials. You can find the best choice by understanding these types.

    Here is short essential info about wallpaper types:

    Paper Wallpapers

    This is the most traditional choice among all wallpapers. This wallpaper is really made of paper. This is the original idea of wallpaper, all other wallpapers are derived from covering walls with decorative pieces. This type of wallpaper has a matte finish. Even though newer choices overshadowed this choice, it is still widely used. You need glue to stick to the wall.

    Non-Woven Wallpapers

    This is a more innovative form of paper backing wallpapers because natural fibers and vinyl are mixed in the production. This makes it more flexible and durable compared with traditional paper ones. Synthetic plant fibers make them breathable and suitable for home use. This type also needs glue to stick on the wall. 

    Vinyl Wallpapers

    This is a more durable choice compared with non-woven wallpapers and traditional paper wallpapers. Vinyl is a special plastic that is durable and bright. But there are different sub-categories of vinyl wallpapers. Let's look at them closely.

    Prepasted Wallpapers

    People generally are confused between prepasted wallpapers and peel-and-stick wallpapers. In this type, you don't have to peel anything. On the backside of wallpapers, there is a layer of glue, but this glue is activated if you add some water to it. You don't need extra glue and it is really easy to install it just by using a water spray bottle.

    Peel and Stick

    This is the newest production method for wallpaper installation. You don't need extra glue or water to activate the glue. You just peel off the plastic back cover and past it to your wall. It is the same as decals that you install on your notebooks. This type of wallpaper is easier to install and easy to remove. If you rent a house and you want to remove it after some time, this is the ideal choice. 


    Tastes differ from person to person, but you should take into consideration some tips. For example, pattern types should be chosen according to the size of your room. The size of your space will help you to choose the right design for you. Here you can read my post about deciding the best wallpaper design for your space.


    After deciding on the design, the last step is ordering a sample to decide better. Some websites offer free samples and some of them charge you a little amount of money. Samples will show the pattern, material, and quality of the wallpaper.

    Note: Before shopping, you can read reviews and comments about the website you are buying. Please make sure that they are offering free shipping and that they pack the wallpaper safely.

    Have a nice shopping.

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