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Everything About Peel and Stick Wallpapers

Everything About Peel and Stick Wallpapers - Artevella

Peel and Stick wallpapers are also known as removable wallpapers. They are self-adhesive and you don’t need extra glue to stick them to your wall. The biggest advantage is you can easily remove it if you got bored with your decor or if you move from your rental house.

There is common confusion about this type of wallpaper. ‘Peel and stick’ explain the application technique of the wallpaper, it is not about the material. You can find vinyl, fabric coated, textured, or non-woven peel and stick wallpapers on the market. You can apply it to any smooth wall without extra effort.

Application and Removal

The application process is much easier and cleaner. You don't need buckets, brushes, or glue. It will be no mess around your house. You just need a putty knife for cutting extra parts. People are always curious about the removal process. It is as easy as peeling off a sticker or wall decal. After the removal, there will be no sticky residues on your walls. You will have a clean and smooth wall again. If you update your places frequently or if you move your house too often, these peel-and-stick wallpapers are the best choice for you.

Application is easy, you just peel off the back layer of the wallpaper and stick it to your wall starting from top to down. You can easily cut off excessive parts. Big-size wallpapers come in numbered panels and you will not have difficulty completing the design.

The frequently asked question about peel and stick wallpapers is about how powerful the adhesive is. No worry, this strong adhesive is designed to stick to most surfaces even textured walls. You can get excellent decorative results without ruining your walls.

Note: It is advised to apply peel and sticks wallpaper to the smooth surfaces because it may not adhere easily to the textured walls.

People sometimes worry about bathroom application because of the moisture in this place. You can find moisture-resistant peel-and-stick wallpapers easily. You can use them in the laundry room or bathrooms without any worry.


There are thousands of design choices on peel and stick wallpapers. It is ideal to be used in rentals, dorm rooms, or temporary office working spaces. The designs of peel-and-stick wallpapers can improve the home decor in a way that appeals to maximalists who seek color and pattern, minimalists who want to add just a touch of visual interest, and practically everyone in between. To create a modest space you can try peel and stick wallpapers.

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