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7 Unique Ways to Use Wallpapers Creatively in Home Decor

7 Unique Ways to Use Wallpapers Creatively in Home Decor - Artevella

Wallpapers are functional and elegant pieces of home decorations. They are so useful because you can find thousands of different designs, patterns, and colors for your places. Wallpapers are also one of the most customizable objects for your house. Some people find it so boring to apply on walls and some people find them unfashioned. In fact, wallpaper is more than a wall cover. There are many different application areas for wallpapers, in this post, I will try to explain some of them. 

1) Covering your Ceiling

How does it sound: Installing some wallpaper to your ceiling? It is a strange but very personal idea for your rooms. You can change the atmosphere of your rooms easily. It doesn't even have to match the walls. Just choose a bright scene on the top of your room. 

2) Covering your Closets

Sometimes you can get bored using the same design closets. Changing them and buying new ones is an expensive choice. Here wallpapers save the day very easily. You can cover up inside or outside of this closet. You can add some style to it, also by doing that torn parts of your furniture will be concealed.

3) Covering your Tables

Covering up your older tables is a good idea. It is so easy to do it. After finishing you will have a brand new table. Covering will keep it clean and will conceal worn parts of the table. This is a great home design idea that you can do with some pieces of wallpaper.

4) Framing Them as a Wall Art

Wallpaper art canvases are so popular nowadays. You don't have to cover all your walls with wallpapers. You can frame it and hang it in your different rooms. Peel and stick wall murals are the perfect choice for this decoration. If you got bored just change the cover, that's it. Finding a decorative pattern is easy among thousands of variations. 

5) Sticking Them to the Staircase

You walk every day on your stairs BUT what about adding some color to them? You don't have to paint your old staircase. Just cut some wallpaper and install it on the steps. They look fabulous when you look at them from a distance. You can choose the same patterns or use different styles for every step. This will make your house more attractive and different.

6) Using Them as Kitchen Backsplash

If you are fed up with ceramic tiles on your kitchen backsplash, wallpapers can add more color to your space. This is the cheaper and more elegant choice when compared with other backsplash cover ideas. You can choose different patterns and textures. Do not worry about cleaning, because there are even washable wallpapers on the market.

7) Covering Small Furniture and Shelves 

If you need some upgrades for your tiny furniture, wallpapers will provide a fresh look on them. It can be a side table, a little coffer, a wardrobe, or a drawer. You can cover them with a small effort instead of throwing them away. You will have many styling choices and can easily match them with your home decorations. Do not worry about durability cause there are many strong and scratch-free wallpapers on the market.

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